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Our Story

OT Growth Partners is one of the largest Orangetheory franchisee groups in the country and was founded in 2013 by entrepreneurs Kristie and Matt. Originally positioned as the Orangetheory Fitness Area Developer for Central and Eastern NC, OTGP has grown its portfolio of studios from one Morrisville, NC location to over 50 studios in the Southeast and Midwest United States.​ We foster an environment that encourages growth by providing the information and tools to become successful as an employee and as a partner. As a company, we have the flexibility to adapt to new circumstances and embrace the distinct difference of others.


Our Vision

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"Our core values are the foundation on which we build and make decisions in our studios every day. We are committed to creating and maintaining a world class fitness experience by exhibiting these six O.R.A.N.G.E. values every single day. We pride ourselves on using our talent and resources to proactively create communities centered around an amazing fitness experience in the studio in order to create higher quality time outside the studio for our members and employees. We have the honor of changing people's lives for the better and we take this challenge seriously."

-Matt Slaine

CEO, OT Growth Partners

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